Skippers: Advanced (Learning to Sail 420s); target ages 13-16

Eligibility – Old Mates who satisfy all Advancement Qualification requirements for advancement to Skippers. New students age 14 or older may also qualify for Skippers and should contact the the Program Director, Chris Beard, for guidance. 

  • Skippers meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and sail either Optis or 420s. The class has traditionally focused on sailing 420s.
  • Skippers who sail Optis practice advanced sailing and racing techniques. Older and bigger Skippers sail the 420 sailboat class. Students sailing the 420 learn basic double-handed techniques such as roll tacking, use of spinnaker, and trapeze. Intermediate to advanced racing techniques are taught. Skippers class has a fun teen social atmosphere with an emphasis on building sailing and seamanship skills. Sailors in Skippers often participate in local racing series on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
  • Sailors in Skippers who are interested in advanced sailing are also encouraged to register for the Opti for Old Mates/Skippers or 420 Race Team.

Skippers Class Schedule:  Tuesday & Thursday, 0900-1200

Skippers may participate in Optis for Old Mates & Skippers, 420 Race TeamIntroduction to 420 Racing and/or Adventure Sail (Thursday) They may participate in Lunch @ SHYC on Tues, Wed and Thurs.