Stage Harbor Yacht Club- Stage Harbor Sailing School- Code of Conduct

The primary mission of Stage Harbor Yacht Club is to safely develop a lifelong passion for the sport of sailing and racing, and to build a community of friends through engaging social events. We are committed to making sure that all members and participants feel respected and encouraged to participate in sailing, racing and social events

Membership in the Stage Harbor Yacht Club and participation in the Stage Harbor Sailing School should be seen as a privilege. Members are responsible for maintaining the good name of the club and shall do nothing to tarnish its reputation as an inclusive and welcoming organization.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to ensure a safe and friendly environment in which all members demonstrate respect for themselves, peers, staff, and volunteers.

All members, students, and staff have the right to:

  • Have the opportunity to participate in club activities free from discrimination
  • Be free from bullying, teasing or harassment of any kind
  • Have an enriching, fun, and safe environment both on and off the water

All members, students and staff are required to:

  • Treat one another courteously, respectfully, and fairly
  • Show respect for yacht club and sailing school facilities and property
  • Ensure safety is a top priority
  • Conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner
  • Wear personal floatation devices while on or near the water
  • Be good stewards of the local environment
  • Abide by this Code of Conduct, by-laws, and policies of the club

Members are required to pay for the repair or replacement of any yacht club or sailing school property lost, damaged, or destroyed by that member, his or her family, or by their guest.  Stage Harbor Yacht Club shall not be responsible for any loss and or damage to a member’s property left or kept on the premises.  

If a member has a complaint related to this Code of Conduct, it should be communicated to the Program Director, Sailing School President, or to a Flag Officer.  The board of directors reserves the right to terminate or suspend any membership in violation of the Code of Conduct with just cause.

All students, racers, staff, parents, and guardians agree to honor this Code of Conduct as well as the fundamental rules of fair sailing. 

Please contact Commodore@shyc,com with any questions.