Junior Programs

Stage Harbor Sailing School Junior Program has been successful for almost 90 years in teaching students the fundamental skills of sailing. Since the beginning we have built an amazing program that offers both fun, and adventure as well as competition and tactical skill. Through our program our young sailors have created lasting friendships, and a lifelong love for sailing. In addition, some of our sailors have gone on to compete at some of the highest levels of sailing both in college and nationally. We are so excited for you to join us! Please review the following information in preparation for Sailing School for your child. 

Classes Overview 

  • We offer a variety of classes at SHSS, please review our Program Guide for more information on which class will be best suited for your child. We recommend a combination of morning instructional classes and afternoon specialized classes. 

  • Ready to register your child? Please register here for the upcoming season.

  • Seamen, Mates and Old Mates receive instruction both on land and on the water. Instruction incorporates sailing knowledge content developed over the years at Stage Harbor Sailing School with US Sailing's STEM curriculum. At designated times during classes, students are given opportunities to show and advance from one class to the next by demonstrating mastery of Advancement Qualifications content. Students are encouraged, in most circumstances, to approach advancement with an eye toward remaining with their peer group. 

Requirements to Participate

  • All students must pass a swim test.

  • All registration/medical waivers must be completed and fees paid in advance.

  • All sailors must wear an approved life jacket at all times on the water and have a safety whistle attached.

  • All sailors must wear closed-toe shoes at all times.

  • All sailors are responsible for rigging and derigging their boats.

  • All sailors must have their boat equipped and set up before class begins, all classes will begin on time.

Rules of Student Conduct

Sportsmanlike conduct is expected of all sailors at all times, on and off the water, whenever representing the SHYC in the community, and at all times while on SHYC property. This Code of Conduct represents the most important ideals and guidelines to follow in order to have the most fun during your summer sailing experience. Simply stated, it is an agreement by all sailors to:

  • Be on time for lessons

  • Attend regularly sail for fun and the love of the sport

  • Be cooperative, supportive and respectful of other people and their property at all times  

  • Listen to and follow SHYC Instructors’ directions  

  • Listen, ask questions, and watch others to see how you can better your skills

  • Participate 100% in daily activities  

  • Learn the Right of Way rules and observe them at all times when operating a boat

  • Be a team player - get along with your classmates

  • Be considerate in success and failure, victory or defeat, be a good sport

  • Remember that your actions both on and off the water reflect upon you and your yacht club