Many Sailing School Instructors offer private and semi-private lessons at the Club during non-Sailing School hours. While the Sailing School curriculum covers all of the necessary material and provides opportunities for students to practice their skills in order to advance to the next level, private instruction can help the learning process. They may also help students who join our program later or participate less often and need help with skill development. Club boats are available for Members to use for private lessons at no cost. 

Private lessons are not just for children. Parents interested in working on their sailing skills can take private lessons in a Day Sailer. The size of the Day Sailer allows children to join their parents for lessons in Stage Harbor.If you are interested in scheduling private lessons for yourself or your child, please follow these steps:

  • Make arrangements with the instructor to schedule a lesson for a mutually convenient time (please keep in mind that all instructors report to work at 9:00am).

  • Instructors set their own fee and payment should be made directly to the instructor- fees are commensurate with experience and typically range from about $25-$60 per hour- fees should be discussed before the lesson.

  • Sign a private lesson waiver, which will be provided by the instructor.

  • Plan to be at the Club during your child's lesson. An adult must be present on shore in a case of an emergency

  • For a list of instructors available for lessons, click here