420 Racing M/T/W/R 1330-1600 ages 13-18 years old


Age Eligibility: 13-18. Must have completed Old Mates or equivalent and have approval from the Coaches.


  • The 420 Race Team at SHSS is divided between two separate tracks.  The first track – called the Junior 420 Racing + Adventure Team (Junior Team) – is for those sailors who are new to 420s or who are not yet comfortable racing competitively on a regular basis.  This track may also include more seasoned sailors who would like to divide their time between racing and adventure sailing.  The second track – called the Advanced 420 Race Team (Advanced Team) – is for those sailors with demonstrated racing and sailing ability and a real passion for racing.  The Advanced 420 Race Team is similar to a Varsity level sport.
  • The Junior Team will combine the development of racing and sailing technique through traditional drills and instruction with  adventure sailing. The racing component of the class will be conducted in 420’s and will focus on boat handling and the proper roles of skipper and crew. Use of tell tales, starting and mark rounding tactics, and basic racing rules and strategies will be taught. Students will be introduced to spinnaker and trapeze skills and team racing. Adventure sailing activities will be conducted in 420’s, BIC’s, and SUP’s, and will include destination sails, freestyle sailing, and “Unregattas.”
  • The Advanced Team will focus on honing sailors’ expertise in fleet racing strategies and tactics. Heavy wind boat handling skills, and spinnaker and trapeze use will be developed. Team racing strategies will be learned, and sailors will have the opportunity to represent SHYC in the SMSA Team Racing Championship. Participants should plan to compete in a minimum of two regattas during the summer.




420 Co-Head Coach:  Kelsey Shakin and Riley Eger

420 Assistant Head Coach:  

420 Race Team Fleet Captain:

Regina Shakin


Regatta Responsibilities - Parent In Charge

The purpose of the Parent-In-Charge program is to ensure that at all Stage Harbor Yacht Club sanctioned regattas there is one designated adult on site at the host yacht club or organization each day of the regatta, coordinating logistics and communications.

  • The Parent-in-Charge should plan to be at the regatta location when sailors and coaches arrive and should assist with unloading, rigging and storing of gear.
  • The Parent-In-Charge will be asked to remain on land throughout the day at the host Yacht Club in order to help sailors who may come ashore or need assistance.
  • The Parent-In-Charge is the contact person with the coaches and other parents. S/he should have a cell phone on at all times. Communications to coaches and/or racers should be channeled through the Parent-In-Charge.
  • The Parent-in Charge will be issued a Parent-In-Charge-Bag, which will include: radio, medical release forms, parent contact list, first aid kit.
  • The Parent-In-Charge should monitor the regatta via radio (ask which channel).
  • The Parent-in-Charge will restock water and snacks for the coach boat.
  • The Parent-In-Charge should confirm the plan for food/lunch at each regatta (Bring your own? Served on the water?) and will coordinate accordingly.
  • The Parent-In-Charge may also be responsible for transportation of sailors, coaches and gear.  Individual sailors are responsible for their own safety, proper gear, food, water, equipment and clothing for the conditions.
  • The Parent-in Charge must take responsibility for delivering the Parent-In-Charge-Bag to the Parent-in Charge for the following day (note - radio must be recharged daily).