Special Awards


Up and Over

Kevin and Doug Cassidy

Senior Shipshape

Matt Lacey

Junior Shipshape

Hadley Earl

USSA Sportsmanship

Avery Keller

Junior Sportsmanship

Avery Quake

Senior Sportsmanship

Colleen Kettle

Opti Creed (Junior Seamanship)

Conor Donahue


Zoe Carlson and Cat Shakin

40 or Older

Jeanne Krause

Crew Trophy

Denise Ritche

Unsung Worker

Jack Shakin

Instructor Award

Theo Bartlett

Tia Adamo

Leah Parker

Senior Sailing School Award

Inga Walker

Sailing School Award

Marcos McKone-Sweet

Batchelder Trophy

The Quake Family

Commodore’s Cup

Not Sailed

Mates Class Racing Championship

Catherine Walker

Skippers Class Match Racing

Caroline Friendly

Siewert Cup - 420 Champs

Conor Donahue and Shep Hearle

Skippers Class Single Handed

Conor Donahue

Limulus Polyhemus

Lisa Edge

F. Spaulding Dunbar Award

David Leary

Sr. Hovey Cup 

Zoe Carlson

Jr. Hovey Cup

Caroline Friendly