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Stage Harbor Yacht Club welcomes applications from anyone age 21 and over with a love of sailing. In this connection, no distinction, discrimination, or restriction is made on account of a candidate’s religion, national origin, race, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or ancestry.

Application Requirements:

1. Completed SHYC Application Form (link or PDF provided by your proposer or Membership Admission Committee Chair)

2. Two (2) letters of recommendation – One from the Candidate’s Proposer and one from the Candidate’s Seconder. It is requested that the Proposer know the Candidate for a reasonable period of time. Additionally, the Proposer and Seconder should feel entirely confident that the Candidate and the Candidate’s family (as applicable) will contribute to the well-being of the Club and its members. Club members may propose up to two (2) candidates per calendar year.  Additional letters of support may be supplied but are not required.

3. Applications for admission to SHYC are accepted throughout the year, however in order for a new member to be included in the current Directory, all materials and payments must be received by April 15. In order to register children for sailing school, applications should be completed by June 1.

Please Note: The Proposer shall assume responsibility for submitting to the Admissions & Membership Committee all of the requirements needed for the application process and will also be responsible for all communications between the Candidate and the Admissions & Membership Committee.