Stage Harbor Sailing School Registration

We have been busy planning a fun-filled summer of sailing, activities and community at Stage Harbor Sailing School and are pleased to bring you the Sailing School online registration and program information packet.  Please read this through carefully before clicking the Registration button at the very bottom.

The following should answer most questions you might have about the SHSS Program:

For any questions you might have after you've reviewed the materials, please reach out to the Sailing School President or Program Director.If your sailor is new to the Sailing School, does not have sailing experience and is older than most of the likely students in a particular class, please contact the Program Director or Sailing School President before registering to discuss options. 


Sailing School Schedule

*Please note special class times are noted in parenthesis. 


Registration and Schedule Options

  • Session 1 and 2: As in the past, the Sailing School will run an 8 week curriculum intended to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to become safe and confident sailors. The Summer Program is divided into two 4 week sessions. Since no lesson is repeated over the summer and sailing conditions vary from day-to-day, each day at sailing school is a unique experience whether on the water or off.

  • Add on Weeks = Increased Flexibility: Students registering in 1st or 2nd session may add on individual weeks. See the registration materials for more information.

  • Additional Scheduling Flexibility: SHSS generally encourages all students to participate in at least 1 full session but if you have extenuating circumstances and require additional scheduling flexibility,  please contact the Sailing School President here.

  • Who can register?: Our website allows any Member parent (or grandparent) to register the children on his or her Family Membership. Please direct any questions about adding children to your account to [email protected] Our website and registration are both mobile friendly! 


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