2019 Merchandise Sale Dates: 

             Open 0930-1200             

                         June 24th

                         June 30th     Opening Meeting

                         July 1st         25th SHYC Opti Regatta

                         July 6th         All Member Cocktail Party

                         July 15th

                         July 31st

                         July 12th

                         July 18th      Closing Meeting  


Team 1 Newport SHYC Store:


Before merchandise sales begin in season, please check out our new Team 1 Newport SHYC Store, by clicking the link provided below, featuring items that are available online only including a section with technical pieces perfect for regatta sailors of all ages. Team 1 Newport SHYC Store 


Merchandise Sales is a SHYC fund raiser. We look forward to seeing you…