Mates: Intermediates (Sprites without Instructors); target ages 9-12

Eligibility: Seamen who satisfy all Advancement Qualification requirements for advancement to Mates. New students 11 or older may also qualify for Mates - please contact the Program Director for guidance.

  • Meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for on the water sailing instruction.
  • Mates continue to sail Sprites, but no longer with an instructor in the boat.
  • Mates participate in destination sails to various locations within Stage Harbor and are introduced to basic racing techniques. Basic double-handed techniques, such as skipper/crew communication, hiking, points of sail and sail trim are reinforced.
  • Mates focus on learning key aspects of sailing on land in a “class setting” and also in a STEM program developed by US Sailing.
  • Mates advance to Old Mates after passing Advancement Qualification tests, including an on the water performance test to ensure that students can safely move to the next level.
  • Mates are encouraged to sign up for the afternoon Opti for Mates class.  More information about that class is below.

Mates & Old Mates Class Schedule:  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 0900-1200

Mates may register for Optis for Mates (Tues/Thurs 1330-1600) and Adventure Sail (Mon 1330-1600) and may participate in Lunch @ SHYC (1200-1330) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays