We now have a form where you can go to make any updates to your personal information. Individuals just need to fill out the two sections and click submit. For members of households wanting to complete information for themselves AND other family members, it is just a bit more complicated....

Since each individual has their own profile, the sections must be filled out separately, but may be submitted all together in one form. Note that our system uses the term "register" but you are not actually registering anyone.

  • Begin updating your own personal information by clicking "register myself."
  • After you "register" yourself, you should have the option to "register linked profile" (your spouse or child(ren)). When you select his option, a box will appear saying select a linked registrant. Clicking that white box will produce a drop list of household members. Click the name of the person you'd like to update next and the same form you filled out for yourself will show up with the next person's information. You should then be able to see both yours and his individual profile information.
  • When you have updated emails/cell phones/dobs etc, then you can proceed to updating mailing addresses and landline phones on the next page, by clicking "next." After you have updated those, click next again and you will see your confirmation page, then click submit if everything looks good. If you need to make any changes, you can click "previous" to make any edits.

To access the form,click here

If you have any questions, please email us