STAGE HARBOR YACHT CLUB (SHYC)  is hiring for a part time Club Manager 

Join an institution that has been part of the Chatham fabric since 1932. Be our first Club Manager and help build upon a great tradition and support our  sailing community in a beautiful social setting on the shores of Stage Harbor.  



Club Manager

Start Date                   

Job commitment will run from May 15 – October 25th annually.

Responsibilities will be highly concentrated during the club and sailing school season.  Club season runs from June 20 through August 20. 


Club House at 19 Champlain Rd, Chatham, MA 02633.  Hybrid position. In season the combination of on-site and hybrid estimated 25 hours per week.  During the off season, it is fully remote, estimated 5 hours per week. Will provide more information on hours  during the interview process. Part time position.

Job Overview

The Club Manager will report to the Stage Harbor Yacht Club Commodore, with dotted line collaboration to both the Rear and Vice Commodore. 

The primary function of the club manager will be to manage the coordination of the social and club events held by the club or available to members on a fee basis.  The position will serve as the primary contact for all social and club events and will work closely with Stage Harbor Sailing School (SHSS) Program Director for staffing needs in relation to club social activities. 

Additional areas of responsibility will involve the business operations of the club as well as using technology to communicate with the membership. 

Core Competencies for candidates:

  • Communication, Collaboration & Organization
    • Outstanding interpersonal skills
    • Ability to multi-task and organize multiple events simultaneously
    • Excellent oral and written communications skills
    • Strong problem-solving skills
    • Present a professional image for SHYC to stakeholders internal and external to the organization
    • Promote culture and collaboration 
  • Technology
    • Ability to manage SHYC membership website platform.  Training to be provided
    • Ability to manage text communications to membership using club platform.  Training to be provided
    • Strong Excel and overall Microsoft Office Suite skills 
  • Qualifications
    • Three plus years management or equivalent experience
    • Proven performance in prior positions.  References will be required 

Club In Season Work

The Club Manager will manage coordination of the social and club events held by the club or available to members on a fee basis. 

This position will interface and direct vendors providing services to the club. The Club Manager will help support in the specific areas mentioned below to minimize the efforts required by board/member volunteers.

  • Actively communicate with SHYC Flag Officers and Committee Chairs on social activities and club events. 
  • Work with SHYC/SHSS Board Committee Chairs and member volunteers in coordinating social events.  Includes, interfacing with vendors, ensuring the facility is appropriately setup and cleaned pre and post event
  • Work with SHSS to ensure adequate staffing for all events
  • Manage Club rental to members on available dates. Includes supporting contracts, interfacing with vendors, ensuring facility is appropriately setup and cleaned pre and post event
  • Responsible for communication of social events with membership via email using Clubs technology platforms MemberClicks and Textedly applications
  • There is not an expectation that the Club Manager be present at all events for the full time allocated.  The Club Manager is expected to organize and plan for successful execution of all events.   The Club Manager is expected to troubleshoot event-related issues  
  • Assist with technology for improved member communications and billing
  • Work with Club vendors lists off season in preparation of in season events.  This also includes support coordination for club opening.  Examples include.
    • Rentals needed for social events such as tents etc.
    • Vendors to provide refreshments and other services

Outside Club Season Work   

  • Startup of club facilities (water turn on – town water department, plumber, irrigation, water delivery for sailing center, trash/recycle pickup, schedule delivery of portable restrooms, renew with vendors for lawn care, clubhouse cleaning, trash pickup, etc.)
  • Coordinate with local vendors for club repairs and maintenance including review of invoices for services and payment
  • Shutdown of club facilities (moving furniture indoors, suspending services for the off season with vendors, water shutdown – plumber, irrigation, town water department, cancel water delivery for sailing center, cancel trash pickup service, remove awnings cleaning and storage, etc.)
  • Work with Flag Officers/Board on potential new long-term planning around social activities and campus improvements
  • Renewal of boats/trailers and town moorings with required inspections
  • coordinate maintenance of launching of power and sail fleets reporting to flag officer but handling administrative needs 


The annual salary will be market rate commensurate with the qualifications of the candidate.  Compensation is subject to deductions for taxes and other withholdings as required by law or the policies of the organization. 

Salary will be paid in one initial payment of base salary for off-season work on a defined date of the following calendar year with the remaining salary of compensation to be paid in weekly installments of each period over the employment period. 

A commitment bonus in a specified amount (the “commitment bonus”) payable within thirty (30) days of the start of each annual compensation period beginning through agreed upon dates. The commitment bonus will vest on a specified date of the corresponding summer season, and the employee shall be required to repay the full amount of the commitment bonus if the employee voluntarily terminates his employment with SHYC on or before the vesting date.  

Discretionary Bonus

As Club Manager, the employee will participate in a discretionary bonus program which aims to incentivize them in the success of SHYC and membership engagement, and to reward long term employment with SHYC. The discretionary bonus is based on successful individual and SHYC management and social performance as assessed by SHYC Flagg Officers. Employees are eligible for an annual discretionary bonus of up to the specified percentage as agreed prior to the season.   

Benefits Summary

Given the nature of the organization, SHYC does not offer any health benefit programs to employees, nor any pension plans, insurance plans or similar. There is no vacation or holiday paid time off. Any requested time off requires pre-approval from SHYC Flag Officers. 

Club Membership Benefit 

As Club Manager, the employee, spouse, and dependents are entitled to membership level participation at all SHYC events and enrollment in the Sailing School.  The Club Manager is not responsible for initiation or annual membership fees.

For social events, the Club Manager and spouse/partner may attend if desired with no fees.

All fees associated with specific classes/clinics/or events outside of those described are required unless waived by SHYC Flag Officers due to attendance for explicit SHYC purposes. 

For More Information

For more information about SHYC as well as Stage Harbor Yacht Club, please visit If interested in this position, please contact Social Administrator at [email protected]