Stage Harbor Yacht Club Facility Rental Policy Statement & General Guidelines

The following general policy is intended to guide the rental of Stage Harbor Yacht Club (SHYC) facilities by members and should be read in conjunction with the then applicable rental application terms and conditions governing any such rental.

SHYC sits on the shore of Stage Harbor and its property primarily consists of its main club house, Chief’s Pier, the Sailing Center and the wooden pier to the east of the beach. Recognizing that this property is in a place of unique beauty and is an important membership benefit, SHYC would like to make its use available to members for special private social events.

These guidelines are not intended to discourage casual member use of the facilities, such as sitting on the deck or making other personal use of the space, but govern the use of SHYC facilities in more formal situations by larger numbers of people.

The decision to make SHYC property available for a member’s special private social event will necessarily involve a consideration of all relevant facts and an evaluation of the Club’s needs at any given point in time.

General Guidelines

• Rental of SHYC facilities is available to current members in good standing for personal, social use. By way of example and without limitation, it is not available for business related events, political events, political fundraising events, events that might harm the reputation of SHYC or events for which a fee is charged or donation requested of those attending. Nothing may be sold at any event. The flag pole cannot be used to fly any type of member-provided flag and all signs, banners, displays, audio/video presentations and similar may not contain material that is, in the sole discretion of the Commodore and fellow Flag Officers, offensive or harmful to the reputation of the Club. The SHYC burgee cannot be used in any invitation or other material without the express written approval of the Commodore. The member seeking use of SHYC facilities must be present for the full duration of the event.

• Events must be considerate of SHYC’s neighbors. Please refer to the rental application terms and conditions for more information.

No event may have more than 60 people in attendance. The bathroom facilities are limited. Please refer to the rental application terms and conditions for more information about use of SHYC bathrooms and port-a-potty requirements. 

• At the time of writing these guidelines, the facilities available are the Main Club House; including the associated deck and lawn. When the Sailing Center renovation is complete, that space will also be available. Chief’s Pier is not available as a standalone rental but may be used on an incidental basis (e.g., for attendees to walk to) during events hosted in the Main Club House or Sailing Center. The wooden pier is not available for rental at this time. Events may not involve swimming off of SHYC property or use of SHYC boats.

• Events may be scheduled in the shoulder season (May/early June & late August/September/October) and, on a very limited basis during the summer season. The scheduling of events is on a first come, first served basis and a request for rental can be made only through the completion of the rental application and its submission to the Commodore. In the event that the Club elects to use (its website) to process applications, applications must be submitted that way. Verbal requests, emails requesting use or similar will not constitute an official request. Events may not be hosted November-April.

• To limit wear and tear on the facilities, these guidelines limit the number of events as follows: (a) during the May/early June shoulder season, no more than 5 events; (b) during the summer season, no more than 3 events; (c) during the fall shoulder season, no more than 8 events. These guidelines give SHYC discretion to increase the number of permissible events where any such additional events have a small number of attendees and the events have a very limited impact on the facilities.

• Events occurring during the shoulder seasons are less likely to interfere with the operation of SHYC and these guidelines encourage members to consider hosting events when the Sailing School is not in session. The size of any event, associated set up and clean up, any maintenance/renovation activities by SHYC, number of other events scheduled during the same time frame, availability of SHYC staff or volunteers and similar will all be considered in determining whether an event may be held.

• The decision to allow member use of the facilities during the summer season will be made cautiously, evaluating carefully any possible disruption of day to day Club operations. During the summer season, no event may interfere with the operation of the Sailing School or other SHYC-related events. The number of attendees at a summer season event will be an important consideration. The set up required for an event, likely clean-up and event size will be important considerations in the approval of any event during the summer season. By way of example of situations where, because private events may interfere with the day to day operation of SHYC, SHYC facilities are not available: (a) during work week; (b) during any period of time when material facilities maintenance is occurring; (c) opening weekend; (d) week of 4th of July; (e) before, during or immediately after the SHYC Opti Regatta or any other Club-hosted regatta; (f) any Saturday night, after which there is an early morning event at SHYC on the following Sunday; (g) closing weekend; (h) closing work week (if any); (i) Sunday night (because Sailing School is on Monday morning). Any request to use facilities during the summer season will involve a consideration of the logistics necessary to set up for the event and restore the facilities for use by the Sailing School in a complete and timely manner. All such clean up and restoration is the responsibility of the renter. 

• The use of tents is generally discouraged. Due to the fact that the set up and removal of tents often occurs over the course of multiple days, it is unlikely that SHYC will approve the use of tents during the summer season. The use of tents during the shoulder seasons may be allowed if the logistics related to the set up and removal are coordinated and overseen by the member and any such tent does not harm SHYC buildings or landscape. If you would like to use a small, pop up tent that can be set up immediately ahead of your event and removed immediately after, please discuss that with us.

• Please review the then applicable terms and conditions for detailed information about catering, alcohol and other important terms.

• Recognizing that SHYC wants to make its facilities available to its members and that there are any number of considerations in determining whether a request is appropriate, the ultimate decision to grant a member’s request is at the complete discretion of the Commodore and fellow Flag Officers who will make their determination promptly, transparently and consistent with these guidelines and the applicable terms and conditions.

For more information, or to request a rental application, please click here