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Update July 1

In case you missed the SHSS Parent Orientation Zoom meeting, here is a link. We ask that all parents who were not able to attend the Zoom meeting, watch or listen before their child starts SHSS. 

Update June 30

SHSS has announced the start and end times of its classes and the schedule is posted below and will use staggered starts and pick ups. Families with siblings dropped off on the same day in different classes may drop off at the same time. Additionally, please see this letter from SHSS outlining key nuts and bolts for summer 2020, including information about: waivers, face coverings, daily health screenings, quarantining, drop off and pick up logistics, physical distancing, unplanned closings and other important details. New waivers are required for all SHSS students. Please complete the waiver by going here. COVID-19 Waiver Form


A mandatory parent SHSS orientation will take place by Zoom on Wednesday, July 1 at 9:30 AM. To join the meeting, here is the link. One tap dial-in: +16465588656,,6557828968#. We will go over important information about the coming summer and would appreciate it if a parent from each student’s household could join us.


Update June 7

If this is your first visit to the COVID-19 update page, please also read the material starting at the bottom of the page. We expect this summer to be a bit of a roller coaster ride and the point of this page – in addition to sharing some key details – is to be as transparent as possible so we are all learning what comes next together.

Key Updates –

  • Delayed Opening: SHSS will open on Monday, July 6; one week later than originally planned.
  • SHSS rates have been revised and are below.
  • Massachusetts released guidelines applicable to our program. Minimum Health and Safety Requirements. Read below for our take on them and request for your help.
  • Classes on hold for now (do not register for these classes): Hermits, Optis for Seamen, Intro to 420 racing, Adult instruction (AM class).
  • 420 Race team will meet 3 afternoons, plus additional days for club racing. No outside regattas this summer.
  • Optis for Mates will participate in Adventure Sail on Monday afternoons and will focus optis Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Do not register for classes on a weekly basis. We can offer only 1 session (4 weeks) or full summer.
  • Please register now or complete this survey to let us know your summer 2020 plans SHSS Summer 2020 Participation. This info is critical for us this summer. Late registration may be limited or not possible if we have not been able to plan appropriately.

2020 Revised Sailing School Rates

The rates below are our new 2020 rates. They have been revised to reflect our current plan to have a 7 week season, starting July 6. The rates have additionally been reduced to account for the likelihood of class cancellations that may arise as a result of weather issues, health challenges or other unforeseen logistical issues that arise as we open under challenging circumstances. SHSS is not able to hold indoor classes on rain days or other days when sailing is not safe because of weather. SHSS will not be able to hold make up classes and cannot refund missed classes. The discount and reduced rates are intended to account for those and similar issues. If events require us to further change our schedule, we will consider additional rate revisions at that time. 

  1 4 week session (either Session 1 or Session 2) Entire Summer Notes
Hermits N/A N/A On hold
Seamen $590 $775  
Mates $590 $775  
Old Mates $590 $775  
Skippers $590 $775  
Optis Mates $470 $650  
Optis Old Mates/Skippers $750 $1,100 Meets M as adventure sail and meets T, W and Thur as Opti sailing.
Adventure Sail $200 $300 This price is for Mates or others not in the Optis for Old Mates class.
Adventure Sail for those in Optis for Old Mates/Skippers $0 $0  
Intro to 420 Racing N/A N/A On hold
420 Race Team $700 $1,000 Meets 3 afternoons this year instead of 4
Adult Sail N/A N/A On hold


Massachusetts Guidelines for Programs Like SHSS

Just when you think you know what to expect…things get more complicated.

We have been saying all along that this summer would be different. We have been preparing for smaller groups, social distancing, hand sanitizing and face coverings. We re-worked our Seamen and Mates classes to focus on single-handed (Opti) sailing. And then along came Massachusetts with 32 pages of helpful guidance Minimum Health and Safety Requirements on how we are supposed to do everything; literally everything. Nothing is left to the imagination. And we are obligated to adhere to it and are prepared to do so.

As we begin sharing with you the new rules of operation in the coming weeks, we want you to know they are based on these guidelines. They will require all of us to do things differently and they may feel frustrating or inconvenient at times.

Among other things, Massachusetts requires that SHSS implement 2 daily health screenings (one by families at home with a written attestation) and a second on site at SHSS that includes temperature taking; adults/parents cannot be on campus at any time when sailing school is in session (only staff and students); extensive cleaning of boats; policies and procedures that ensure that student gear never touches other student gear; detailed plans for social distancing; face coverings and much more.

Family Help and Support

What do these guidelines mean for our students and families?

First and foremost, we need your help complying with them. If we struggle to manage  family/student compliance, we will have no choice but to shut down the program. Our success is in your hands. A failure to comply brings too much risk for SHYC/SHSS. Complying with them is a huge lift for a program that has never had to do this sort of thing. So, when we set out the drop off and pick up logistics; ask that parents remain in cars and not come on campus; ask families to health screen at home and then go through it all over again at SHSS; ask for no or minimal belongings at the club; ask students to be prepared not to touch one another or staff and so on, please be ready to go “all in.” Managing special requests or exceptions is going to be more than our staff can handle. Managing families who don’t like the rules isn’t in the cards.

Second, talk to your children and set family expectations. When our staff tells our students what they have to do, we need them to come prepared to listen and follow the rules. Our staff needs to be focused on boating safety, health safety and instruction. They will not be able to plead, beg and cajole students who –  understandably after months at home! – are ready to run wild. We will do our best to set up a fun, child-friendly way to explain the rules, but for those few who struggle, we will need them to return home until they are ready. This is something we try very hard to avoid in a regular summer. SHSS is supposed to be a more carefree place. And we don’t want to embarrass anyone. But there just isn’t any wiggle room here and our young staff needs to be supported. They aren’t equipped for behavior challenges (even understandable ones) on top of everything else.

Third, be ready for the unexpected. The guidelines require that organizations be prepared to shut down in the event of illness, staff absenteeism, weather-related conditions that require close-contact rescue and so on. We will set up a communication system with families and ask that they do their best to monitor it. Our schedule may be fluid at times as a result of the unforeseen. 

Fourth, understand that we don’t have the typical flexibility in moving students from one class to another or allowing students to start the program, take time away and then return later. For students who are on the cusp of passing into the next class, talk with Chris Beard about joining that class early this year. Fixed groups are what the summer is about this year.

And, lastly (for now), when you’re feeling frustrated by all of this, know that we are just as frustrated. Our long standing mission is to get children on the water and to love sailing. And to develop life-long friendships along the way. That can all happen this summer, but the vibe will be a bit different. Much of what we are asking of children isn’t (and shouldn’t be) natural for them. We are sorry for that and hope this summer will be a once in a life time aberration. But, in the mean time, we all just need to go with the flow and keep smiling.