Working Group

Lead Officer


Working Group Team

Pier Group (ongoing)

Drew Carlson


Manage SHYC Wooden Pier rebuild; collaborate to finance project; communicate with membership; fundraise

Regina Shakin, Chris Ritchie, Jim Shakin, David Leary, Matt Evans, Bill Driscoll, Jeff Cahoon, Andrew Friendly, Kelly Friendly, Kathy Lewis

Member Engagement

Regina Shakin

Membership - Appoint Membership Co-Chair, Create New Member Welcome Packet. Plan Social Activities

Inga Walker, Susan 

Gotschewski, Maryann Smith


Chris Ritchie

MemberClicks, Billing, Database Management

Denise Ritchie, Sara Wilson, Sara Frye

Sailing School

David Leary

General Standing Committee relating to Sailing School Operation

Maryann Smith, Chris Ritchie, Victoria Quake, Audrey Fenton, Kathy Lewis, Jane Frye - Note: open to others who want to join


Jim Shakin

Yacht Club Dues and Sailing School Fees, Capital Spending

David Leary, Chris Ritchie, Regina Shakin, Jane Frye, Jake Siewert

Buildings and Grounds

Bill Driscoll

Identify and Prioritize Capital Projects

 Matt Evans, Drew Carlson

Calendar and Committees

Audrey Fenton

Produce YC and SS Calendar and Committee Doc

 Andrew Goodman, Drew Carlson




A Closer Look at the Work of the Working Groups:

Finance:  Primary focus on comprehensive budget analysis. Will review historical data and current revenues and expenses related to SHYC, SHSS and SHE.  Will develop immediate, medium, and long-term cap expenditure plan for buildings, piers and grounds. Other areas of focus include Yacht Club dues, Sailing School fees, and initiation fees for new members. 

Sailing School: This Committee will provide general feedback to the Sailing School President and board on a range of issues relating to the Sailing School and will meet at least twice annually.  Topics may include things such as: class changes; staff training, adventure sailing; race teams; fees; capital spending related to new equipment.

Building and Grounds: Recommended spending for Clubhouse, Sailing Center, Chief’s Pier; solicit input from Board members for requested Cap Ex.  Will make recommendations for remaining 2018 spending and medium- and long-term maintenance and repairs of buildings, piers, floats and grounds.

Member Engagement: Membership: study overall admission process; implement membership protocols; consider membership packet for new members; appoint Membership Co-Chair. 

Social: Manage social calendar, budget and events; Promote adult and intergenerational activities 

Technology:  Continued enhancement of MemberClick (SHYC website) technology to assist with; Registration, Sailing School Attendance and potentially Merchandise Sales.  Support Sailing School by streamlining the process for managing registration, reporting and attendance.   Explore technological enhancements for event registration and merchandise sales.

Calendar and Committees: Produce 2019 calendar and committee document template with dates, tides and important dates; collaborate with SS President, VC and RC regarding calendar items within their purview; update master committee spreadsheet. 

Pier Group: Manage rebuilding the SHYC Wooden Pier and wharf building; collaborate with Fundraising Team and Treasurer to finance project; share updates with membership; oversee the work of architect, civil and marine engineers, contractor and legal team; manage regulatory process with Conservation Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Army Corps of Engineers, Harbor Master; liaison with Town of Chatham to coordinate the separate Town and SHYC pier projects.