The SHSS sailing program has been successful for over 70 years in teaching students to sail, forging lifelong friendships and enjoying summer days on Stage Harbor. The program is best experienced when students attend class regularly and for as many weeks as possible.  This allows students to master the skills taught at each level and to develop strong friendships.


Sailing School Program Guide
Sailing School Registration


Summary of Class Progression and Schedule 

The Sailing School curriculum and schedule follow a general approach: instructional classes meet in the mornings, and more specialized classes meet in the afternoons. One exception to this morning/afternoon split is for Seamen, whose specialized Opti class meets on Tuesday mornings.  

The general instructional classes: Hermits, Seamen, Mates, Old Mates and Skippers, all have on the water instruction two mornings a week. Additionally, Seamen, Mates and Old Mates meet for Shore School on Wednesday mornings. The specialized classes: Optis for Mates, Optis for Old Mates/Skippers, 420 Race Team, O'Pen Bics and Adventure Sail meet in afternoons (frequency depends on the class). Optis for Seamen meets on Tuesday mornings.

Students must be registered in one of the general instructional classes in order to participate in a specialized class. We encourage students to register for both general and specialized classes when possible. The more time students spend on the water, the more comfortable they become as sailors as their mastery grows. Time at the Club also allows students to make important friendships. Specialized sailing is not just about racing!

Schedule of Options for Student Progression
(according to age group)

For those students who begin their experience with SHSS as a Hermit or Seamen, the classes follow a progression based on age, experience and advancement testing.  For those students who are new to SHSS and who may also be less experienced and older, please contact the Program Director, Chris Beard or Sailing School President, David Leary before registering to discuss your child’s correct placement.

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(as of 9/1 of current year)

Morning 930-1200



6 & 7

Mon & Fri

No Class

Hermits may sign up for Optis for Seamen at the discretion of the Program Director


Mon, Wed & Fri

 Optis for Seamen

 No Afternoon option, Optis for this group meets Tues Morning

 Optis for Seamen
meets on Tues mornings



Tue, Wed, & Thur

Optis for Mates 
Tue & Thu

Adventure Sail



Old Mates
Tue, Wed &Thur

Optis for Old Mates/Skippers
Mon, Tue, Wed & Thur



O'Pen Bics

Tue & Thur
(see age and weight requirements)  


Adventure Sail

 Optis for Old Mates students may signup also for Adventure Sail in place of Monday's Opti class.

Students must be at least 13 and weigh at least 75 lbs to participate in O'Pen Bics

The Adventure Sail Class is primarily geared toward Old Mates and younger Skippers. If you want to register an older Skipper, please contact the Sailing School President or Program Director


Tue &Thur

Optis for Old Mates/Skippers


420 Race Team
Mon, Tue, Wed & Thurs 


O'Pen Bics
Tue & Thurs



Adventure Sail

Students on the 420 Race Team sail with a partner for the whole session/season and, as such, are expected at all 4 practices every week they are registered.


Students must be at least 13 and weigh at least 75 lbs to participate in O'Pen Bics

Students participating in Optis for Old Mates or first year 420s may signup also for Adventure Sail in place of Monday's Opti or 420 class.

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